Consultant Summary

Lindentree Associates

Lindentree Associates was set up in 1998 by Jim Cooling to provide training, consultancy and mentoring in real-time embedded systems. It is mainly concerned with:

  • System analysis and design.
  • Software design.
  • Electronic design and development.
  • Control engineering - design and application.

Jim has been actively involved in the development of microprocessor-based real-time embedded systems for more than 40 years, including both hardware and software. Hardware designs have used a variety of devices, ranging from the Intel 8080 to the latest microcontrollers such as the STM32Fx and NXP LP176x series. Programming languages used for this work included Assembly, CORAL66, PL/M-51/80/86, real-time BASIC, embedded PASCAL, Modula-2, Ada, C and C++.

Publications include six print and eBooks on various topics relating to real-time embedded systems (one being translated to Japanese). Other publications consist of more than 60 conference and journal papers, mainly concerned with real-time systems and related issues.

The company has delivered training courses to industry for more than 30 years, mainly related to software analysis and design, using structured and OO-based design methods (Yourdon/Ward- Mellor, UML and SysML) supported by a variety of CASE tools.

During this period, Lindentree has provided consultancy services for numerous companies, including:

  • Hardware and software design and development projects.
  • System studies.
  • The development of specialist training courses.
  • Expert technology advice to the legal profession..